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As we walk through Oxford city, we'll discover its best places. The renowned University of Oxford's majestic spires and iconic colleges will greet us, showcasing centuries of scholarly pursuits. The Bodleian Library, a treasure trove of knowledge, invites us to explore its grandeur. At the Ashmolean Museum, captivating art and antiquities from diverse civilizations await. The Radcliffe Camera, a magnificent round library, symbolizes Oxford's academic excellence. Amidst the city's vibrancy, the Botanic Garden offers serenity with its vibrant blooms and the bustling Covered Market, we'll savor delicious treats and admire skilled craftsmanship. Oxford's timeless charm will captivate our senses, leaving an enduring impression.

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All tours are private. You will not be combined with another group.

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Classic City Walk

A 90-minute to two-hour walking tour of the City of Dreaming Spires, going to all the best places. Depending on the date and time of day we can include entrance and a guided tour of one of The University of Oxford's famous colleges.

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Inspector Morse, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Literary Oxford, the English Civil War, Oxford Ghost Tours, Science in Oxford... Our city lends itself to many niche itineraries you wouldn't get as part of the Classic City Walk.

Outside of Christ Church Tom Tower at Oxford University

Christ Church

A private guided tour of Christ Church. Oxford's most gracious and grandest college, and city Cathedral all in one.

Christ Church

Taking a tour of Christ Church College and Cathedral in Oxford is a fascinating experience that offers a glimpse into the city's rich history and architectural splendour. As we step into the hallowed halls of Christ Church College, we'll be transported back in time, walking in the footsteps of esteemed scholars and literary giants.

The Great Hall, famously depicted in the Harry Potter films, will evoke a sense of wonder with its grandeur and medieval charm. Exploring the stunning quadrangles and picturesque gardens, we'll appreciate the blend of Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles.

Moving towards the Christ Church Cathedral, we'll be in awe of its towering spires and intricate stone carvings. Inside, the breathtaking stained-glass windows and ethereal acoustics will create a serene atmosphere where the Cathedral's history and religious significance will come to life.

Whether it's exploring the college's illustrious past or marvelling at the Cathedral's architectural marvels, a tour of Christ Church College and Cathedral promises an enriching experience that celebrates Oxford's heritage and intellectual legacy.

Christ Church Cathedral and College, Oxford.

We are among a very select group of tour guides who are certified to guide inside Christ Church.

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About Us

Ten years of experience in guiding groups not just in Oxford, but around the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe. Oxford and the Cotswolds is our home, and we look forward to showing you around it.

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Qualified "Green Badge" Guide for the City of Oxford.

Member of the Oxford Guild of Tour Guides.

Public Liability Insurance.

First Aid certificate.


Large Groups / Languages

Comfortable and experienced in leading large groups, both old and young. Experienced in leading groups for whom English is a foreign language, and able to adapt vocabulary accordingly.

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Quotation Mark

Peter's knowledge, passion, and storytelling made it an unforgettable experience. We couldn't have asked for a better guide to explore Oxford with!


Hannah R

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Our guide's extensive knowledge of Oxford, combined with their genuine passion for the city, made the tour both educational and fun.


Russell W

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Peter was absolutely awesome! He knew Oxford like the back of his hand and showed us all the coolest spots. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he made the tour fun and informative.


Rachel P

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